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Producing the Highest quality surfboards available on the market today

Custom Surfboards made in the UK

A collaboration of some of the worlds finest surfboard shapers all made under under one roof.  Producing surfboards to the highest quality using premium materials and years of surfboard building experience. Colab Surf Studios is all about that modern expectation of performance, high quality, and a personal touch. Accessible to the everyday surfer and pro alike. Surfboards literally made by Surfers, we are home to Fourth Surfboards, Misfit, Steve Darch, Love Machine Surfboards, Squire Surfboards, Art Of Trim and Seduction Surfboards.


Thrusters, twin fins, fishes and quad surfboards

Mid Lengths

Mid-length surfboards and single fins : New Love Machine Surfboards Mids Just listed


Longboard surfboards, traditional and performance level


We are very proud of the surfboards we make.

Not only our choice of materials, purpose built surfboard factory or the shaping process including constant feed back and team r and d.  We have always invested heavily in the Process of making a board FOR the customer. That has led the way for us to be adopting different types of technology and construction in our boards, different shapes, feels, vibes   – For any type of surfer and any type of wave. Each board lovingly quality checked before it goes out to  our customers. you will not find a better made board. That is why we do it, its a labour of love and that can be seen in the finish boards proudly shown in our showroom.

A unique approach to customising your own Fourth Surfboards Design

New Love Machine Surfboards re stock for 2023

Supporting Today’s UK Surfing Champions

On the local and international stage Fourth Surfboards is the only surfboard brand to have open champions for men and women in England and Wales

Custom surfboards for every ability

Progressive, pro or even new to surfing, all ages and abilities - each surfboard is made to enhance your performance with the finest detail on all our boards.

Tried and tested shapes

Tried and tested on just about every surf break from Newquay to Bali, the feedback on our surfboards from our customers and pro team a like gives us constant refinement in our processes. We never stop trying to make the perfect surfboard.

Complete range of surf accessories

Surfing fins, leashes, tail pads, bags and swag all paired and geared to work with your board from FCS and True Ames.

Surfboard Brands