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Art of Trim Surfboards

Art of Trim Surfboards by Luke Hart

Shaper: Luke Hart

Art of trim was Luke Harts first ever shaping brand. When Luke first started shaping, his passion in surfboards was for easy riders, effortless trim and loads of waves. This came from his lack of high performance surfing ability which later transpired to be a lack of ever wanting to be a high performance surfer. As the years went on lukes reputation grew amongst surfers wanting to ride his more progressive shapes and for luke that was a great way to hone his skills in board design for a much wider collection of surfers.

That was the road that would lead luke to owning fourth surfboards and working along Alan Stokes with form surfboards. But it all started with art of trim, and this collection of boards brings high end design methods to riding a wave as simply and as effortlessly as possible. For nothing other than the love of surfing.

Luke Hart’s passion and drive lie in creating progressive surfboards so surfers can have fun with their surfing, pushing the own performance.

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If you would like to contact one of our Shapers at CoLab to discuss a board we are all about that. Below are contact details and links to social media platforms.

We manufacture in PU, Epoxy and F1X Construction on all our custom surfboards

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