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Ryan Lovelace

Love Machine Surfboards

Designed by Ryan Lovelace. Produced in the U.K by Colab Surf Studios

Custom made Lovemachine Surfboards built for you from the extensive and ever growing model range by Ryan Lovelace. FM, Thick Lizzy, V.bowls, Wills Fish, Cheet, Rabbits foot, Big pin. What is you favourite model on the Lovemachine roster?

“I will never forget my first visit to Luke’s factory – I was on the tail end of a nearly month-long shaping trip through Europe. I had done about 60 hand shaped boards in the previous two and a half weeks through two or three different countries; and had worked myself into a serious flu by the time I rocked up on Luke’s factory door. I had about 30 boards to get through there and no energy to do it.

The guys made me feel so at home and looked after – walking me across the way to get cold medicine to keep me upright and cranking away and keeping me stoked and fired up enough to keep going. I got through the work and learned about their operation while holed up in their shaping bay – to meet another young and passionate builder left an indelible mark on my subconscious – it only feels right to connect once more, to get LoveMachine’s wheels turning for my friends and customers in the UK!”

Ryan Lovelace

Ryan Lovelace's passion and drive lie in creating progressive surfboards so surfers can have fun with their surfing. Pushing their own performance.

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If you would like to contact one of our Shapers at CoLab to discuss a board we are all about that. Below are contact details and links to social media platforms.

2024 Love Machine SURFBOARDS

We manufacture in PU, Epoxy and F1X Construction on all our custom surfboards

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