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Misfit Surfboards

Misfit Surfboards

Shaper: Luke Hart

Misfit Shapes represents an authentic response to an era of change, a ‘surf’ stemmed movement that allows art, design and individuality to co-exist within a realm more commonly dominated by conformity and observation. We are not bound by a single leader or manifesto, but rather a bold commitment to pushing the limits of this well-oiled machinery of surf. The result is a rare collective of mildly deranged but high-powered misfits, potentially dangerous cultural agitators, and just about every other kind of MAD MIND.

If this is all a bit too real, that’s fine, we can’t please everyone because if we did, we’d end up catching something. But if you are looking to escape the rotating door of normality, please, come inside.

Misfit Shapes passion and drive lie in creating progressive surfboards so surfers can have fun with their surfing, pushing their own performance.

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If you would like to contact one of our Shapers at CoLab to discuss a board we are all about that. Below are contact details and links to social media platforms.

We manufacture in PU, Epoxy and F1X Construction on all our custom surfboards

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