5’10 Fourth Surfboards Freshblade

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Fresh Blade by Fourth Surfboards – Shaped by Luke Hart

5’10 x 18 5/8 x 2 1/4, with 26.4 Litres of foam.

Best ridden with your favourite thruster set up. Luke’s recommendation would be a set of  toledo’s in medium from the FCS2 range.


The Fresh Blade is our answer to The ultimate high performance thruster as seen ridden by the pros.


Luke has worked with all the Uk’s best surfers and that experience has enabled him to concisely recognise the best balances when it comes to high performance surfing in a range of conditions.

With a light single to double concave and a moderate rocker this board strives to be surfed hard in the epicentre of a waves power. The idea is to offer control in these situations so your progressive surfing shines through.

The rails blends from hard in the tail for cutting through water and soft in the nose to offer ease when passing through the transitions of a rail turn, the predominant blend is a 60/40 with slightly less foam on top of the rail to ensure penetration into the water at high speeds.

The outline offers a slightly wider than standard nose, with a soft hipped tail leading down into a squash tail, this blend caters to the forgiveness needed in the final stages of a turn and the pivot required on sharp directional changes.

The fin set up is a moderately spaced thruster with a lean towards fluidity on rail over out and out drive.

The stock glass job is 4oz bottom with 4+4 deck, we try to ensure the optimum strength to weight ratios given the importance of weight and flex on a high performance shortboard.


This board should be surfed in good waves with progressive surfing being the ultimate goal.