9’6 Fourth ‘Cali Flip’ in Volan eps/epoxy construction


9’6 x 23 1/4 x 3 1/8

flip tail nose rider in epoxy tech, with stunning coloured paneling and contrasting pin lines over a volan/epoxy glass job. Premium craftsmanship and design make for a stunning all rounder longboard with nose riding capabilities at its core.


built for all round fun in varying conditions.

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Using our Epoxy and eps construction knowledge base  we have built a longboard that is designed to be easy to manipulate making it a diverse everyday log for anyone looking for that easy rider feel with nose rider capabilities. Beautifully constructed with volan cloth, epoxy resin and one of a kind coloured panels and contrasting pin lines.

A longboard for the connoisseur, taking pig tail templates and soft rail line surves gives you an awesome outline to look at, as a shaper it kind of reminds me of the etype jaguar. The bottom shape is rolled and flipped at the tail, transitioning to a 50/50 rail through the rest of the board, mild flip at the nose contrasts the blend of internal concave with the roll in the top third. offering a lovely mix of nose riding and boardwalking with turning of the tail…. This boards has design points from every decade to ensure its capabilities for a wide range of surfers. Recommended construction with this board is eps/epoxy to keep it un-classically lighter than most single fin logs. Allowing easy manoeuvrability , smooth transitions and as always effortless trim. its a stunning board to shape and just a lovely board to ride.