Dan Davis Surfboards Cali Classic Single Fin Log 9’6


Dimensions: 9’6 x 23 x 3


A modern take on vintage design. This longboard will give you easy rider feels off the tail and on the nose. lightweight and hard wearing construction with a classic nose riding template and design. wrapped in a lovely pink cut lap tint and a black pin line to cap the look off.


9’6 x 23 x 3

This board is designed to be ridden as a easy rider log. built for walking the board, slowing down on the tail and then getting tip time on the nose in equal measures. A current take on a mid 60s nose rider, built using epoxy construction, you get the lift and turning radius accentuated for a more user friendly feel. this board is around 30% lighter than standard construction logs which makes it an awesome all rounder for the long boarder looking to up their skills. this board is suited to waves from ankle to head height for riders looking for an easy to use longboard both in the water and walking to and from the waters edge.