Fourth Charge 2.0 Step up Surfboard


Fourth Charge 2.0 Step up Surfboard

We have made so many step up surfboards for surfers to surf all over the world. From top level pros on our team, to your everyday surfer down at the local. The pattern of wants is largely the same in that everyone wants easy wave entry and plenty of control. The differences are better surfers taking more critical lines on steeper waves whilst on trips – They always want more sensitivity. thats fine in Indo or Mexico but what about the big days at home in all the rubber, with a belly full of Christmas having not surfed at all the past week? Thats the reality of winter in Europe. Well now the pros are looking for the same help as we all are…. and this is the exact concept we are looking at with our all new charge template. We wanted to create a user friendly step up surfboard for waves in the head high and up range. something that offers shortboard feel with Mid length wave catching and forgiveness.



The Design of The Charge 2.0 Step up Surfboard

The Fourth Surfboards Charge 2.0 Step up outline has a slightly wider nose template comparative to our past charge models. These changes will increase the platform and lengthen the rail. The rail line will fall into a sensitive narrower tail for quick directional changes at speed and good hold in the face of the wave. Along with a bit of extra over all template width you have a paddle machine. The Charge can also be manipulated for later take offs dependant on the line you want to take. It means you can surf this board as a shortboard purely for extra paddle help. its fun!

The bottom shape of a step up Surfboard

The exit rocker is fairly low compared to the entry rocker which is high with a gradual curve. This ensures a lot of board is connected to the face on take offs and down the line, giving control to the right lines. When you do get a big section to pump through or a big bottom turn to execute the higher entry will fit with the curve to ensure you can wash that speed off whilst maintaining your control over the board. The extra width and entry rocker height complement each other really well to offer the best balance between sensitivity, stability and drive.

The Top of the Charge 2.0 Step up Surfboard

The deck offers a flatter centre to allow for volume to be packed  through the centre of the board up to the chest area. With the Charge 2.0 step up,  you have plenty of board when paddling around in the bigger more powerful surf. The rails pull down to a lower soft rail through the centre of the board. These subtleties ensure maximum hold and control at higher speeds.

The concave is single is still the epicentre of this design and its right through the board. complemented by higher but more gradual curve rocker which enables initial speed not just down the line but through turns when torque is applied. A very light double concave through the fins keeps the drive off the tail which is great for back foot surfing. Bigger waves and more rubber means you need more control to maintain the right line and make the most of that wave. We have clustered the fins up to free it up a bit in the tail aswell meaning turning it isn’t a problem even at lower speeds/ smaller waves.


Who should ride the Charge 2.0 Step up Surfboard?

Anyone looking to make bigger waves or winter waves easier and more fun without losing performance.


How do you size this board?

It’s a lot like a mid length in that a personal feeling is going to have more sway than a scientific ratio based on what you are riding already. This board isn’t for beginner surfers so pick the length based on how easy you want the board to turn vs paddle. The bigger you go the easier it will be to get in early. the shorter you go the nicer it will feel in the pocket. Don’t go any shorter than 4 inches over your head height on this board though otherwise you are really missing the point in it.

Please be advised we can make this board up to 7’6 but our stock sizes fit the majority of surfers. If you want to go bigger then give us a shout and we will make one for you in 2-4 weeks.

Would you like a custom surfboard version of this model? We can do epoxy surfboard versions with our varied range of technologies, resin tint surfboard sprays and colours, all UK shaped and made by our resident head surfboard shaper Luke Hart and team at CoLab Surf Studios, UK Surfboards made with the highest quality surfboard materials. Design your own surfboard with our custom board builder and get in touch. To see our review on our surfboards range visit our YouTube channel.

Additional information


BASE, ECO BASE (+£40), ESE (+£40), FLEX TECH (+£70), F1X (+£100)


6'3", 6'6", 6'10" (+£20)


Base Construction

Base Construction (a polyurethane blank with polyester resin) is still considered the most versatile and all-round performance specific construction used the world over by touring surf professionals. At Fourth Surfboards only premium materials are used to produce top-quality boards; US Blanks at the core in blue foam and Hexcel Glass for the laminate bonded with Silmar resin for best balance between weight, performance and durability.

The Fourth construction method sees the board finished in 24/7 heat controlled environments to ensure curing times are at optimum levels to reach a finish unrivalled in Europe. The board is then sanded to a 240 dry sand finish ensuring that there is zero plastic lacquer on the board that can often look and feel horrible after a couple of months in the ocean.



6’6 x 19 3/4 x 2 5/8. 35.5

6’8 x 20 x 2 11/16 x 37.8

6’10 x 20 1/4 x 2 3/4 40.2