Fourth Surfboards Shank


It’s buttery flow and fast rail to rail transitions make the Shank one of the most well rounded shortboard templates available on the market today. This effortless  brilliance lies in the shanks mathematically inspired continuous curves. That’s also why is looks so good.


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The Fourth Shank Surfboard

The concept for the Shanks was to create a shortboard that went in anything. We originally took a continuous rocker and deep single concave from a old fun board called the stoker, which was hugely popular with a lot of surfers. Originally we were looking at shorter rail lines but it soon became apparent that the Shank wants to be ridden the same height as you, if not an inch or too longer, this stretches out the curves just enough to add some forward drive and insane speed through turns. We ended up with exactly what we wanted and the rest is a history of adaptations and evolutions based on the original concept.

The outline is teardrop shaped. meaning there is more natural curve in the back half of the board and less curve the further towards the nose you go. This accentuates lovely pivot and flow, which is the basis of the shanks vibe.

The rocker is a thing of beauty. Amazingly balanced and continuous, only flattened a touch in the middle of the board via the deep singles. Medium tail and a fluid high medium entry combine to give you lots of poise in the pocket and a constant feel of flowing speed.

The foils are typical of any high performance shortboard. It has extra width in the template and a flatter deck which is where you’ll find most of the foam. In that respect the foil is really focussed on balance, which is why this board seems to suit so many surfers and different waves.

The rails are slightly fuller than our Fresh blade model and a little softer too. The hard edge tucks early through the tail too. All of this combines to create a forgiving feel that is as fast as it is smooth through turns.

The bottom contours are kept very simple, single concave nose to tail, with the new addition of some light spined double through the fins. This gives plenty of lift, extra drive, and a lovely rail to rail transition. The shanks feel is what every surfer wants, especially when surfing beach break waves.

The fin set up is a thruster, the GOAT of shortboarding fin set ups. We recommend hitting up your go to fin set up before racing to buy a new set, but if you want something that our team surf with, the Mf temple from fcs is for you.

For construction, go Base for an all rounder, or ESE or Flex Tech if you are looking for something predominantly in the lower scale of waves.

The shank is bro and pro friendly given its flatter deck and added width. It Works in anything and shines in average to good surf. If you are a shortboard nut who’s looking for something with a bit of extra stability and flow then you can’t go wrong with a shank.

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BASE, ECO BASE (+£40), ESE (+£40), FLEX TECH (+£70), F1X (+£100)


5'9", 5'11", 6'1", 6'3"



Fourth Surfboards Belly Shank Model

Outline:Teardrop with a fuller nose

Tail Shape: Swallow tail with plenty of curve for a balance of pivot and release

ConcaveSingle throughout to provide plenty of lift

Rails: Boxy performance 60/40

Fin Set-Up:Thruster for a good bend of control and down the line speed (fins not included)

Volume: Medium, more than a standard shortboard especially under the torso area when paddling

FCS II fin box set up



Base Construction

Base Construction (a polyurethane blank with polyester resin) is still considered the most versatile and all-round performance specific construction used the world over by touring surf professionals. At Fourth Surfboards only premium materials are used to produce top-quality boards; US Blanks at the core in blue foam and Hexcel Glass for the laminate bonded with Silmar resin for best balance between weight, performance and durability.

The Fourth construction method sees the board finished in 24/7 heat controlled environments to ensure curing times are at optimum levels to reach a finish unrivalled in Europe. The board is then sanded to a 240 dry sand finish ensuring that there is zero plastic lacquer on the board that can often look and feel horrible after a couple of months in the ocean.



5’9 19 2 5/16 27
5’11 19 1/4 2 3/8 29
6’1 19 1/2 2 7/16 31
6’3 19 3/4 2 1/2 33