Love Machine FM Surfboard


Designed for better waves and big carves but definitely not limited to the best days. The Love Machine FM’s core design is shifted and altered within the size-range to provide a wide range of feelings across a huge spectrum of lengths and outline types; Ranging from aggressive pocket-surfing 6’6 to the unmistakable flow of the 8’1 and beyond – with the mid 7′ range being the ‘baseline’ of the spectrum for the design.

Size is your friend on the Love Machine FM – they surf smaller than they measure so don’t be afraid of length.

  • 6’6″  x  20 3/4″  x  2 3/4″  =  41.2L
  • 6’9″  x  21″  x  2 3/4″  =  42.14L
  • 7’2″  x  20 3/4″  x  2 7/8″  =  45.13L
  • 7’8″  x  22″  x  3″  =  53.55L
  • 8’1″  x  21 5/8″  x  3 1/8″  =  58.29L
  • 9’6″  x  22 1/16″  x  3 1/4″  =  74.28L

**If you order a ‘Custom Colour’, we will be in touch within a week of ordering to discuss specifications**



Notes from Ryan: “The FM isn’t a ‘channel bottom’ in the classical sense – the channel is there as a break for water flow, but it isn’t doing for the board what most designers are chasing in the deeper more exaggerated channel bottoms that are so popular right now. This design sports a pretty hefty spiral vee in the back half of the board, and while that is amazing for rail transitions and feel, it creates suction between the board and wave; the channel breaks that water flow that is sucking onto the board, so you get the three-dimensional value of the spiral vee and its rolling sensation, but without the stickiness. You’ll notice the 7’2 has a straight channel as opposed to the curved one that most have become accustomed to in seeing the FM; the first 15 or so boards all had a straight channel like this, and as Pat’s was in that batch, so I’m running with it for this model as we’re making dead on 1 for 1 copies.”

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Clear, Custom Colour/Finish (+£100)