Seduction Surfboards Mid-Ting


The mid ting is a go anywhere, surf almost anything, daily driver mid length, will work with most fin set ups and all constructions, as well as a wide range of waves! Added due to popular demand! Great for short boarders and long boarders alike, super responsive but loads of glide, works really well 7foot for the average surfer.



Select construction for a base price, then select size and colour options when you checkout. Standard sizes are below, when you checkout, you will also see options for IshTanks, which are 10L more volume roughly, plus the option to make it a chop nose if you so desire!

Please note: boards take 4-6 weeks to complete, if you have selected any additional options such as postage, rail spray or additional artwork, you will be charged when your board is complete.

Additional information


PU Base Clear, PU S-Glass 3 colour tint, Gloss and Polish PU S-Glass 3 colour tint, EPS Epoxy S-Glass 3 colour tint