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The Fourth Reload 2.0 surfboard. The best UK all round surfboard on the market?

This blog will really help you find The Best Surfboard To Improve Your Surfing

Luke Hart

What is an all rounder anyway?

First off, what would  the  The best UK all round surfboard  on the market have to do for its title? We would see it is a surfboard you can surf in over 80% of the waves you see over the course of a year. It’s a tough ask for any surfboard. Depending on a go to all rounder will always keep confidence high in the sea for any surfer. The all rounder is the holy grail of surfing.


What Luke Hart has to say about the Reload 2.0 :

” I’ve used the Reload 2.0 in Cornwall a lot. Fistral being my home break, i can safely say i can go out in nearly anything Fistral throws at me on a day to day basis.

However, the most fun I’ve had on the Reload 2.0 came when i took it to France one summer. It was the only board I could fit in the van as we had the kids and all the many bags My misses required jammed into our car.  I was forced to pick one board and the Reload 2.0 was my choice.

It really didn’t disappoint. I especially found it good on one of the days the waves were pumping. The waves were breaking outback then reforming on the inside into really nice hollow barrels. After struggling to get a good one on the inside, I sat on the outside catching the feathering outback waves that only longboard riders were trying to catch. I left all the  guys and gals on shortboards battling it out  for the inside nuggets whilst i chipped into the barrels already on my feet.

It was one of the most memorable surfs I’ve ever had and I stayed in so long that i nearly passed out when walking back to the carpark. Surfed out and stoked that the Reload 2.0 was up to the challenge. That is when i realised we had something really special in the reload 2.0. ”

5'11 Fourth Reload 2.0 Surfboard - Epoxy FCS 2 - under arm

Why we think the Reload 2.o is worthy of the title

The Reload 2.0 has a brilliant balance between wave catching, stability, manoeuvrability, forward drive and hold on rail. making it an excellent choice for surfers looking to make  surfing easy in a wide range of conditions. It’s a fun option for experienced surfers looking to make the most of weaker conditions. The Reload also lends itself well to everyday surfers looking for more forgiveness whilst they maximise their own potential to improve.

5'11 Fourth Reload 2.0 Surfboard - Epoxy FCS 2 - rocker

An awesome board for airs and progressive surfing as well as a stout rail champion in the pocket.  The Reload 2.0 is as close to shortboard performance as it could be given its 2nd to none paddle ability. With hold on rail,  and release off the top. Ability to cope with high and low speeds not to mention the stability during paddling. These factors make the  Fourth Reload 2.0 Surfboard a serious contender for The best UK all round surfboard on the market today.