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About CoLab Surf Studios – How We Began

Ever wondered where CoLab Surf Studios came from or how it all began? Read on to find out…

It all started when Luke Hart got tired of working under labels that didn’t see the values in engaging with what really matters when ordering a surfboard – the customer.

Luke always prefers speaking to guys and girls he is making boards for. This lead to a vision of surfers being at the front of the business all the way through to the back. From design, to build, to sales. We want to champion UK surfboards, putting UK Surfboards on the map as some of the best surfboards made worldwide.

As we perfected our process in making the best boards we can, it also attracted a stable of some of the best shapers to work with us. Everyone on board has to keep that integral approach of making sure they are getting the right board for the right surfer. As Luke’s new venture began to grow with Fourth Surfboards, more like-minded people got on board and before we knew it the CoLab was born.

A collection of shapers, board builders and a sales team that all strive for the same thing- getting the right boards under the right feet, so everyone can enjoy the surf and be stoked on surfing.

CoLab Surf Studios – The future

We aim to service the surf industry with genuine customer care and a meticulous approach to building quality surfboards. As we grow and evolve we can only hope we get more surfers stoked – ride with us.

Giving our customers the unique experience via our Surfboard Board Builder to design their own surfboard.

The CoLab Promise

We will do everything we can to make sure you get the right surfboard – The passion for making the boards is matched only by the passion we have for making sure you get the right board under your feet. We know all our boards inside out, every tech bit of information you may need we can give you.

Every type of wave, wind, tide – we have tested it out. Every colour, weight, feel – we aim to tick EVERY box when it comes to ordering a surf board from us.

Want to talk to the guy who built the boards? Our shapers are only a phone call away. This isn’t a stockpiling sales machine. This isn’t a mass producing soulless factory full of workers who have never even seen the sea. This is surfers and board builders who live to surf. We design, we shape, we build, we surf and we make sure that all of that knowledge is passed on to anyone who wants to talk boards with us. This is Colab Surf Studios. Ride with us. YEW!!

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We manufacture in PU, Epoxy and F1X Construction on all our custom surfboards