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Polyester PU Surfboard Technology | Premium Standard construction methods

The best Polyester Surfboards in the UK

We are proud to say we have done extensive research in offering different resin technology and polyester construction methods. Whether it’s feels, flexes or strength options when it comes to surfboard construction we have an answer to everything.

Experience is Everything

It’s taken some time and we are fortunate to have some of the best team riders for r and d and some of the best waves in the UK and Ireland for testing. Below explains a bit about our epoxy surfboard technologies and our polyester construction methods. You can choose if you want to customise your own board to suit your needs . You can also do that online directly via our board builder. Your order goes straight through to our shapers who are easily contactable should you have  any queries about what construction best suits you and your new surfboard.

Would you like a custom surfboard ? We can do epoxy surfboard versions with our varied range of technologies.  Resin tints or  surfboard air brush sprays to add some colour too.  All UK shaped and made by our resident head surfboard shaper Luke Hart and team at CoLab Surf Studios. UK Surfboards made with the highest quality surfboard materials. Design your own surfboard with our custom board builder and get in touch. To see our review on our surfboards range visit our YouTube channel.

Base Construction

Base Construction (a polyurethane blank with polyester resin) is still considered the most versatile and all-round performance specific construction used the world over by touring surf professionals. At Fourth Surfboards only premium materials are used to produce top-quality boards; US Blanks at the core. Hexcel Glass for the laminate bonded with Silmar resin for best balance between weight, performance and durability.

All construction methods see the surfboards finished in 24/7 heat controlled environments to ensure curing times are at optimum levels to reach a finish unrivalled in Europe. The board is then sanded to a 240 dry sand finish ensuring that there is zero plastic lacquer on the board that can often look and feel horrible after a couple of months in the ocean.

When you buy a Base construction surfboard from Colab Surf Studios you can be sure it is put together with only the best ingredients on the market.


Custom order any of our models in ESE construction

Base Construction
Base Construction